Daily Devotional

Son, do not be afraid of people, or fear their insults, for I am the One who will comfort you. I will go ahead of you, and will protect you from behind. Since I paid a high price for you, don’t become enslaved by this world again. The time that remains is very short, and this world as you know it will pass away; use the things of the world to tell everyone about Me!


Son, My children are so afraid of these mere humans who wither like the grass and that will soon disappear. There is a distinction between My children and the people of the world. When I look at My children I see My blood, and I will pass over them when judgment begins. Remember, if you search for evil, it will find you! If your trust is in your money, down you go!


Son, without wise leadership a nation will fall. These wicked leaders are trapped by their own words, and they think their own way is right. Their wickedness will never bring stability, and their dishonesty will destroy them. All of their riches won’t help on the day of My judgment. Now keep this in mind, truthful words stand the test of time, but lies are soon exposed and forgotten.


Son, let me tell you how to live in this wicked time. Honesty will guide you and rescue you from trouble, Give freely so that you will  become wealthy in My kingdom. Listen and seek Me with all your heart; then you will know right from wrong. Cherish My word and store it in your heart. Remember that knowledge of My word might make you feel important but it is love that strengthens My church.


My Children will soon know the full power in My Name, and then at last they will recognize that I am the One who speaks truth to them. The person who loves Me is the one I will recognize.

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