America’s Heart

Does America still have a heart? We see that America has an oversized head (over-reaching government) and butt-hole (L.A.’s elite Hollywood), but where is America’s beating heart; the heart of true America? They are the ones fighting on many fronts with their own resources and united prayer to God who gives the whole body its purpose and strength.


The heart of America are those true Americans that are fed up with America’s clueless demanding oversized government and with Hollywood’s immoral hypocritical lifestyle, both clearly lacking good common sense and the truth about what is eating at America’s heart.


At the heart of America are those God-fearing tax-paying independent productive families who are the strength of America’s growing economy, small and big entrepreneurs with great skills and personal integrity – which is lacking more and more at both ends of America.


The heart of America is beating fast and strong these days with ‘righteous’ anger; the united common sense true American families (legalized immigrants included) that voted in Donald Trump as America’s president because of his clear vision and strong resolve to give back to the heart of America their due – in accordance with America’s Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence – which have been under attack by both ends of America.


If the heart stops beating – death occurs. Both ends have been working to bring on America’s terminal heart attack, but without America’s strong heart – neither end can survive on their own.


Whether you like it or not, God is the One who made America and made America great; the God of our founding fathers that is, and the same God of those that make up the heart of America. Without a strong and productive HEART America will be yet another ‘dark and depleted’ nation of oppression and self-serving hypocrites.


The key in going forward is to keep our heart healthy and begin to change both ends by putting their perspectives of America where it belongs, IN THE TOILET! We need to hold all of these politicians accountable, because if we do not then the end result will be the death of America. Pray for our president and his administration so that we can have victory over all the enemies of America’s strong heart.



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