It’s a Choice


Where there is justice you will have peace! So do we have peace in America? If you want to know what is in the heart of America just look at where American’s spend their time, and what they spend their money on.


Peace does not come from America’s great strength and wealth. It is not because of America’s knowledge that keeps the people safe.


When people don’t understand, they treat God’s words like trash, and approve of those who call evil good and good evil.


Imagine it! People sacrifice little children by slaughtering them, and call it their right to do so, and then make money by dismembering their little bodies and selling them. Evil! Pure unbelievable evil! How could such a thing ever happen? Therefore, America will reap what it deserves, and will cover its mouth in silent shame having no legal excuse.


While America did all this, God remained silent, and you thought He didn’t care. He is waiting for America to come back to the truth, but America is going further with its wicked rebellion. God says in His word He will not be silent any longer, and you will know it! So choose today; will you choose God or will you choose this madness?


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