Before It’s Too Late!


What is it about the Bible that scares people? Is it what is said that will happen to those who refuse to believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord; that they are sinners in need of being forgiven? Is it that Jesus is coming again? Is it the fear of persecution if you follow Jesus and obey His instructions, and stand up for the truth?


God’s children need to understand that Jesus will never grow weak or weary to protect and provide for His disciples; no one can measure the great depths of His love for His children. Those who stand with Jesus in truth and righteousness will be given power and strength so they can walk in this wicked world and not get tired or afraid of living for the Lord Jesus Christ.


But for those who do know Jesus Christ as their Savior and yet compromise His truth so that they can feel safe and secure in their own lifetime will lose what they thought they had with Him, and they will lose their children to the god of this world, to the enemies of Christ and evil workers of inequity. The children of those who shrink back from walking with Christ will reject Jesus Christ and His Word.


Jesus is calling to those who have already compromised the truth, to return to Him in true fellowship and to obeying His Word; to ask for His wisdom and power to live the life of faith, hope and love in Christ Jesus before it’s too late; for He says there is a time when the door will be shut.

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