Rights! What Rights?

Rabbi Lapin, like many Rabbis, declare that Hebrew is the Lord’s language and even suggest that this was the language spoken in the beginning. We do know that the Torah and most of the Old Testament was written in Hebrew. Rabbi Lapin goes on to say: “If there is no Hebrew word for something, then that thing does not exist.” The reason that I thought this was interesting is because there is no Hebrew word for the word ‘right,’ that we have in the English language. As a matter of fact, there are many words in the English language that does not exist in Hebrew. (Perhaps this is why there is so much bloviating going on in social media.)


According to Jewish Rabbi Lapin, since there is no Hebrew word for ‘right’ in Hebrew then that word or whatever it stands for – does not exist. When we bring this thought into the culture that we have today where all we hear are people clamoring for their rights (whatever they think their rights might be) we need to rethink through all of this.


We often hear people on the left saying to others that they have the right ________ (fill in the blank). We need to ask these people, “Who can you call to fulfill that right?  Who can guarantee that right for you?”


We have the word ‘right’ in the English language, but it does seem at times that we have many words in the English language that seem to defy logic. Perhaps this is why Hebrew is God’s language, as Rabbi Lapin points out. We could go on to state that if that word is not in the Hebrew language (God’s language) then that thing does not exist. It is not real. Rabbi Lapin has said that there are no word(s) for telephone, telegraph, helicopter, etc. in the Hebrew language, so does that mean they don’t exist?


Lapin brings out that there are two types of knowledge in the world: that which changes and that which does not. An example of the knowledge that changes is seen with technology, medicine and science because human beings can accumulate more knowledge of technology, medicine and science as time goes on. BUT the knowledge that does NOT change, according to Rabbi Lapin, would be knowledge of God, humans and earth. These do NOT change, just that we can learn more with our personal knowledge from study about God, humans and earth. 


We could argue and say that our Declaration of Independence declares that everybody has the “right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” or we could look at the Bill of Rights for American citizens. We know that government here in the United States of America does its best to fulfill these rights, but can only do this according to its ability, and that ability is limited.


How many times I have heard people say, “I will.” (Whatever that might be.) For example, they might say: “I will help you.” I am sure that they mean well, but often they fail. Why? Because they do not have the means or power to do what they say they will do. However, this is not true with God. A number of times in the Gospel He says: “I will” and we can be sure that God will do exactly what He says He will do. He says if anyone comes to Him He will accept him; He says if anyone believes in Him, He will raise him up in death, etc. God can do it, because He has the power to do what He says.


Rabbi Lapin asked the question: “Where in the Torah is the word ‘right’ being mentioned among the 613 commandments?” However, another word does exist and that is the word ‘obligation.’ For example, does a person have a right to demand charity? NO! But I have an obligation to be charitable. Does the government have a right to take my money and give it to someone else? NO! But I do have an obligation to the poor, needy, widows and orphans. We can carry this thought on further. Does a woman have a right to her own body when it comes to abortion? No, but she has an obligation to how she treats her body and an obligation to the fetus that is growing in her.


I have heard over and over again among the ‘immigrants’ that they have a right to enter the United States of America. Again, that is bogus! They do NOT have a right to enter, but they do have an obligation to go through the legal channels in order to enter.


The bottom line: We all have obligations, but nobody has a right to anything. It is interesting that I do not hear people or the media talking about ‘obligations.’


In closing, I should mention that there is no Hebrew word for the English word ‘coincidence.’ There is nothing new under the sun. Everything that happens, there is a reason for it and God is able to take it all and, in His Sovereignty, work it out for His good purpose that will prevail.








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