Needed: Reformation – Chapter 10

WHO IS MAN? – Part 1


Isaiah 40:6 “A voice says, ‘Cry out.’ And I said, ‘What shall I cry?’ ‘All men are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field.’”


When we think of reformation we need to come back to what the Bible says about man. Here in the West we live like in the days of Nimrod when they were building the Tower of Babel in the land of Shinar (modern day Iraq).


In the days of Nimrod man was supreme, he was god. Man was in rebellion against God. God had told mankind to multiply and fill the earth. (Genesis 9:1 and 7) Instead, we read that under the leadership of Nimrod men stayed together and were building “a tower that would reach into heaven.” Why? They wanted to make a name for themselves.


Man thinks that he has the answer to all of life’s questions. It is incredible that man can even think this way. When we look back at the 20th century and the wars that came through Nazism, Fascism and Communism where literally millions of people died; how can man still think he has the answers?


Yet, man in the West generally believes that he is god and master of his own soul; that he can manage without God, even if all of the evidence proves otherwise.


This type of thinking has pervaded the church as well. We do not voice it, but our actions speak louder than words; that we can manage God’s work without the Spirit of God. Remember that the best interpreter of a man’s thoughts is heard by his actions. One example of this today is the lack of prayer that we have in the average church.


A question was raised: Whatever happened to the prayer meeting? The answer has come back loud and clear through our actions that we can manage quite well by ourselves without any help from the Divine.


It is imperative that we see ourselves as God sees us and we come back to what God has intended for man. This to me is what reformation will do: reformation brings us back to God’s view of man.







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