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I began to think about what was written on Facebook about President Trump, the government shut down and some of the issues that we are faced with in the 21st century. First, knowing that the eagle is the American symbol; for the eagle to soar it must have two wings that are balanced and working in perfect order. So, it is with the American Republic; we need two wings, or rather two parties, to keep America balanced in what she is to do for the good. However, both parties must be working for ‘the good’ and not for ‘the party.’


It would seem that the Democratic Party has become high-jacked and it is not the same as what I grew up with. It is not the same Party as when other past presidents such as Truman and Kennedy were in the White House. The Democrat Party has been high-jacked wanting to move ‘progressively’ towards a one world government where the ‘elite,’ or so-called “chosen ones” will govern worldwide and eventually tell us all what to believe, and what truth really is.


As a Christian I have to look at things from the Holy Scripture, what God’s Word is talking about, because I believe that within Scripture we learn the truth and how to govern ourselves rightly. I know that there are many who will not believe this way, and that’s their choice. We can choose to live any way we want, believe what we want and say what we want. There will be consequences in all that we choose to believe, say and do, and we must take personal responsibility and blame for the choices that we make. So, my advice is to “choose wisely.”


When it comes to the progressive movement of the Democratic Party with their open borders and big government, etc. we need to go back and look at history, especially ‘biblical’ history and see if there is something that we can learn. In so doing this takes me back to Genesis 11 where there was a one world government led by a dictator: Nimrod. Here we learn that they had one language, one culture, etc. What happened and what can we learn for our day?


First, we find that man naturally does NOT move towards God, but against God. Man’s nature is on a steady downward course and this is why out of 6000 years of our world’s recorded history there has been very few years of relative peace. Man has been at war. There are a number of reasons for this that we will look at later. However, back to Nimrod in Genesis 11 as to what we find God doing as the result of that condition.


God saw that man’s heart was evil and so He stepped in and divided the people into different languages, families, ethnic groups and scattered them throughout the earth to slow down the progression of evil on the earth. We read later on in Acts: “…and He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their pre-appointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings, so that they should seek the Lord, in the hope that they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us.” Acts 17:26-28


Because of the downward nature of man the result has been war and the result of war has been the mixing of these different ethnic groups having to flee – which is causing some of the problems that we have today.


After WW2 France and England came and divided the Middle East into different countries and lumping together these different ethnic groups. To keep peace this has given rise to dictatorship, because it takes a strong force to keep countries composed. One example of this is the former Yugoslavia. Under the strong rule of Tito he kept the country calm, but once he was gone we see the conflicts that broke out in the 20th century and now the country is divided into different ethnic groups.


This is one of the main problems in the Middle East with the different ethnic groups wanting their own identity, language, culture, etc. For example: the Kurds. This is the largest ethnic group in the world (at least 25 million) that has no country or boundaries of their own. They are scattered in Syria, Turkey, Iran and Iraq – holding on to their ethnicity.


Some countries have been divided among religious orientation. We see this with India when it became independent from England. The Muslims with their religion wanted their own country and so a line was drawn on the western side of the subcontinent of India and it was called West Pakistan and one thousand miles away on the East side of the sub-continent another line was drawn called East Pakistan. In so doing this, families were oppressed and displaced. The result was a massive slaughter that took place. Read the book called FREEDOM AT MIDNIGHT.


There is an ethnic difference between West and East Pakistan that eventually brought about a war in the early 70’s of the 20th century when ten million people were displaced and three million died, but then a new country was born called Bangladesh. Right now we find a group of people called Rohingya (over 600,000 Muslims) being persecuted in Myanmar (Burma) and moving into Cox Bazar, Bangladesh.


We can see what is happening in Europe at the moment with so many displaced people having moved into Europe, and still moving in, from the Middle East as well as from Africa. They are coming in with their own language, culture, etc. and not being simulated into the home country. Eventually the country becomes what we call “Balkanized,” and this naturally brings about disputes and rivalries.


Yes, it’s noble when we ‘open our arms’ to the poor, the tired, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, and the wretched refuse of what other nations call the people that they cast out, the homeless among us, etc. (As it was later inscribed at the base of our Statue of Liberty; she who holds the lamp beside the golden door). And millions have come in from all over the world, but when they came in legally they eagerly learned the nation’s language and willingly adjusted into the culture of the country; they learned the Constitution (our nation’s laws and principles) by which to live by as an American. They became “Americans.” Now we see how this has progressively changed with: African Americans, Spanish or Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, etc. bringing in their own languages and cultures – causing disputes and upsets.


My wife is European, and when she came to America she already knew the language, but she went to school to learn the Constitution, true history of America and so became an “American” citizen.


Yes, we need “two wings” (two parties) in our Republic. Yes, we need to compromise but do what is best for the true citizens of America. We especially need to learn wisdom from history so we make right decisions for the good of America’s future and those who choose to be Americans.

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