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When Truth Stumbles

When truth stumbles, and honesty is outlawed there will be no peace, and people with common sense will be attacked. When people refuse to listen to the truth; evil will be in control!

These Light and Momentary Troubles

Carol and I went to our daughter’s house to pray over some of the young people who grew up in our church with our children. One young couple is going through a very hard time with cancer. This young couple have two little children and have to explain to them all of what their mom… Read more »

When You

When you depend on the Lord, you will know that all of His promises are backed by His Name. When you search for Him with all your heart and soul, you will find Him. When you pray, He will answer you, encourage you, and strengthen you. When you put your hope in His promises it… Read more »

God’s Word of Light

Jesus tells us that He has always existed, and He created everything. His life gives light to everyone, and darkness can never extinguish it. He came into the very world He created, and became human. He is full of unfailing love and faithfulness; and by His life He took away the sin of the world!… Read more »

Four Types of Leadership

In my studies of the Bible I find that there are 4 leader types. These leader types are still seen today as well in their results.   The first one I call “Saul leadership.” This type has the look, personality and ability to be a great leader, but has one flaw: fear of what people… Read more »

I Will NOT Apologize!

10 things I will not apologize for: 1. Being a white male, for this is how God made me. 2. Living in America, for this is where God placed me. 3. That the standard for my life is the word of God (the Bible)… 4. Knowing the truth about good and evil (sin), for this… Read more »

When immorality is unchecked and left alone to spread – it will allow people to become bold and arrogant with their immorality. These people will become hostile, even beating and shouting at the door of your homes until they get you to agree with them. Down deep inside each of us we know this is a horrible thing… Read more »

It’s a Choice

  Where there is justice you will have peace! So do we have peace in America? If you want to know what is in the heart of America just look at where American’s spend their time, and what they spend their money on.   Peace does not come from America’s great strength and wealth. It… Read more »

Young and Old

Young men are seen with a future, old men with a history. No man wants to be known as a man with no future, no matter how old he is.   It is very important for old men to tell young men of their failures and victories. But, old men need challenges to stay young… Read more »

Political Correctness vs. Common Sense

Since Political Correctness set in to America’s culture, we need to hear more than ever from those with real Common Sense (wisdom). What is the difference between Political Correctness and Common Sense?   Meriam Wester Dictionary definition of “political correctness” is: conforming to a belief that language and practices which could offend ‘political’ sensibilities (as… Read more »