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It’s the Heart – Not Guns

I am feeling very discouraged about our country, my health, and the future. As I prayed about it the Lord said, “It is your choice.” I cannot change the destruction going on in America, I cannot heal my body, and I do not have any control over the future, but it is my choice in… Read more »

True Male Masculinity and Femininity

Last week I went to the doctor and while sitting in the waiting room I became disgusted. Across the room was a 15 year old girl laying down across a couple of chairs with her legs up in the air. What disgusted me was how she was immodestly dressed. As I thought about this it… Read more »

The Journey of Faith

The journey to the promise is what builds our faith and is why we so desperately need God’s daily grace. The journey is naturally what we resist when it becomes physically taxing and is what we tend to want to give up on because it’s taking too long. But it’s in the journey that we… Read more »

If We Were 100% United

Think of what power and authority the church could have in America if we were 100% united. We saw what some of the church had the power and authority to do at the 2016 election of Donald Trump, when everyone was SURPRISED!   If the church were 100% united then that which is evil would… Read more »

Blessing and Curse

Recently I listened to a Christian speaker who said that when someone curses you and you curse them back then their curse will stay with you, but if you bless them back when they curse – their curse returns on them. I thought about this and thought how many times I have not returned a… Read more »

My Closest Friend

I have a Friend who is my best Friend. I meet with this Friend who is closer than a brother, every single morning for our time together. I wake up between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. to be with this friend of mine for hours where we talk, laugh and cry. What makes this person… Read more »

Pastors of Yesteryears

Where are the pastors of years ago? “The black-robed regiment of the Revolutionary Period were men of God who spoke out concerning the issues of the day. This label of “black-robed” was given to pastors especially in Colonial America that were very instrumental in America winning their independence. The reason why they were called “black-robed regiment”… Read more »

Tradition vs. Miracles

In John chapter 9 is the account of Jesus when He heals a blind man on the Sabbath. The Pharisees rejected the man and Jesus because He healed on the Sabbath. The question I have, is how many traditions do we observe in the churches that hinder miracles, that shy away from the truth, that get… Read more »

I have heard that faith can be many things, but what I have been shown in the Word of God is very simple. Faith comes by hearing from the Lord.   When the Lord speaks to us from within the Holy Bible He  tells us the end, but does not tell us what the journey will be…. Read more »

Who’s Influencing Who?

I have saying, “No where in the Bible does it say to the church you are to invite the unsaved into your services, nor the ungodly into your assemblies; but I DO read where the church is to go.” Why? If we go out – we influence the world, but if we invite the world in – this… Read more »