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How to Apply the Scripture to our Day

I just read Daniel 3:13-28 and have applied it to the woke generation and the liberal left of today.     “The woke generation and the liberal left flew into a rage and ordered that anyone who defies them be brought in and asked, ‘Is it true, that you refuse to serve and obey what… Read more »

Wait on the Lord

2 Chronicles 16 is talking about a king of Israel. This king had sought out God throughout his life but in the end of life he had a situation come up that tested his walk with God. This king did not seek God’s help but rather solved it in human wisdom. The result was the… Read more »

Faith and Opposition

Faith is nothing more than doing what our Lord has told you to do! When we act upon His words there will always be a wall of opposition. If we focus on the wall we will always make a wrong assumption, and it will be that our Lord does not care. Faith requires us to… Read more »

Wisdom From God is Better

We have sacrificed wisdom for knowledge!   Today we tell everyone that in order to have a great life you must be educated in schools and universities, and have a degree showing your knowledge. But the Bible says the greatest thing is to get, is to get wisdom from God which is PURE wisdom. Wisdom… Read more »

How Do You Save a Nation?

How do you take over a nation? Through the children. So, teach your children the truth. Teach them that if they ever forget the Lord and follow the gods of this world, bowing down to them, they will have no rest, peace or joy.     Tell them to stop listening to people who say… Read more »

The Younger vs. Older

A while back I had a conversation with a young man. He asked me what church I belong to and I told him, “I do not belong to any organized church.” He told me he was moving close to where I lived, and he went on to say that what he really wanted was to… Read more »

The End Justifies the Way

The promises God has given me have always been about the end result, and never about how the journey progresses.     I have compared this with the promises made in the word of God and I find very few places where God tells His people what the journey will be about. What I have… Read more »


Assumptions over truth will always create confusion. People who have integrity will not compromise with evil, and their actions consistently reflect God’s word. Their love for God will keep them from lying to themselves, and they know where true happiness is found. They will walk in freedom as they ponder the direction of their life…. Read more »

For Such a Time as This!

Why is America so divided? Why is there so much hatred, fear and no compassion? When did we lose our morals and justify our evil actions? Why has the church stopped influencing the world by being strong godly families, leaders in government, teachers in schools, community leaders, etc.; instead we have allowed the world to… Read more »

Dark Room of Sin

It is my belief that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. (Romans 8:38-39) The key is “nothing in all creation.” I am part of creation; therefore I cannot separate myself from His love. It’s about His hold on me, not my hold on Him.     If I have asked Him to… Read more »