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I have heard that faith can be many things, but what I have been shown in the Word of God is very simple. Faith comes by hearing from the Lord.   When the Lord speaks to us from within the Holy Bible He  tells us the end, but does not tell us what the journey will be…. Read more »

Who’s Influencing Who?

I have saying, “No where in the Bible does it say to the church you are to invite the unsaved into your services, nor the ungodly into your assemblies; but I DO read where the church is to go.” Why? If we go out – we influence the world, but if we invite the world in – this… Read more »

Short Term Solutions – Have Long Term Consequences

Short term solution always have long time consequences. What do I mean? Think of any solution the government has come up with in the past that we are not paying the consequences for today.   Almost 2/3 of our taxes are to pay for short term solutions of the past, called entitlements. When we think government… Read more »

Wisdom without Knowledge is Destructive

Daniel 12:4 says that “in the end times knowledge will increase.” I thought this was interesting that it just says knowledge and not wisdom.   Wisdom is knowing what to do with knowledge. Could it be that in the last days we will have whole societies that know a lot of things but cannot figure out how… Read more »

How wearisome it is for the human race when they refuse to learn from the past generations. Man is never satisfied, nor content; for he is always looking for pleasure. Man thinks the good things in life are having huge homes and great sums of money, but to get this his days are filled with… Read more »

Promises Made Good

Nehemiah 9:7-8 NLT When Abraham proved himself faithful to what God had asked of him, God made a covenant with him that blessed Abraham in every way. For God will always do what He promises. He is always true to His Word. Today, it seems that His children want all that God promises, and then… Read more »

Joy and Peace

Today as I listen to people talk they seem to be consumed by the word, “happiness.” They seem to think that if I am happy then all will be well. The Bible says the words that we need to seek are, “joy and peace.” When I have joy and peace it is not because of… Read more »

The Role of a Man – Week 1 – Loved by God

When the storms of life increase – will you be joyful? In the coming days life for a godly man will be difficult, and when you live out the words of God you will be known as a man of integrity. Others will be encouraged and have hope when they see you at peace because… Read more »

Role of a Man – Week 2 – The Covering

The best a man can leave for his children is not money, power, fame or his name but a trail to follow; with a trail they will know the way. What does your family say about you? Do they say, “He cut a trail through the jungle of life for them to follow?” Would they… Read more »

Purity before Offerings

  This morning while reading the Word of God I came across this passage in 2 chronicles 29:31, where a new king has taken the throne. His first action was consecration to God for the nation, in obedience to what God requires of a leader (nation, church, family unit). Then, as I read, they all… Read more »