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I Tend To Keep It Simple

As a Christian, a disciple of Jesus Christ, I am not required to follow Old Testament regulations and ceremonies for worship to be accepted and favored by my heavenly Father. Whenever I begin to think that there is some ceremony or regulation (of the Old Testament) that I should put into practice as a child… Read more »

Legalism and Witchcraft

Legalism and witchcraft have been widely accepted for the masks they wear: a false hood. We tend to think that legalism is about rules we don’t believe in, but legalism is about following good rules in order to win favor with man.   We think of witchcraft as what we see in fantasy movies and… Read more »

It’s Gonna’ Get Hot

The homosexual flag now flies under the American flag.  What arrogance!  God will not be mocked! So get ready; it’s gonna’ get hot!  Be prepared child of the Most High.   What is left of our independence? We’re back under a suffocating authoritarianism by an overpowering government in total defiance of God. Wasn’t that the… Read more »

Same-Sex Marriage Rights

These 5 justices are now on God’s hit list because of their voting to support same-sex marriage rights. Pray and watch what happens to them now, especially the one justice (swing vote) that was obviously ‘bought’ or ‘threatened’ so that he voted along with the wicked.     Just because same-sex marriage rights have now become… Read more »