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Preferring Your Husband

I’m guilty!  I’ve not preferred my own husband over the years as I’ve favored my friends. Can you relate?   Have you gone “to church” or to a party or family get together – walking in with your husband with a sneering attitude towards him but quickly extending your arms to your friends and family; feeling… Read more »

Devotional – Do you have husband problems

When Sarah faced ‘husband’ problems, she didn’t get on Facebook to say: “Having another BAD day!” She didn’t call her mother and unload all her emotions about it. She didn’t walk out the door calling him names. She didn’t go to lunch with her best friend and complain about the idiot she has for a… Read more »

God’s Ancient Path is a Narrow Path

Do you believe that God heard the prayers of His people regarding this coming election? I do, and He will continue to hear our prayers, whether worldly or wise, and do what is best for those who faithfully love Him, which won’t be very comfortable or celebrated on this side of death or rapture, I’m… Read more »

Are You a Christian?

One man asked another man, “Are you a Christian?” The man answered, “Well, I believe I am.” “Then you believe in God?”  The Christian answered, “Yes, and why do you ask?” These two men had known each other for a long time. The man asking the questions then asked, “If God is real, would He… Read more »

Is His Gospel My Gospel?

As I think about why we do all that we do for each other at Christmas and New Years – year after year after year – I’m reminded how my love for Jesus has been tested since I gave my heart and life to Him over 40 years ago. Do I still love Him as… Read more »

My Quiet Time with Daddy

Thank You for the faith to believe in You Father. But, where does this faith come from to believe what is written in the book called the Bible? Where did I get this faith to believe in that which I can not see? Why is my faith in You unwilling to be compromised by threats… Read more »

I Tend To Keep It Simple

As a Christian, a disciple of Jesus Christ, I am not required to follow Old Testament regulations and ceremonies for worship to be accepted and favored by my heavenly Father. Whenever I begin to think that there is some ceremony or regulation (of the Old Testament) that I should put into practice as a child… Read more »

Legalism and Witchcraft

Legalism and witchcraft have been widely accepted for the masks they wear: a false hood. We tend to think that legalism is about rules we don’t believe in, but legalism is about following good rules in order to win favor with man.   We think of witchcraft as what we see in fantasy movies and… Read more »

It’s Gonna’ Get Hot

The homosexual flag now flies under the American flag.  What arrogance!  God will not be mocked! So get ready; it’s gonna’ get hot!  Be prepared child of the Most High.   What is left of our independence? We’re back under a suffocating authoritarianism by an overpowering government in total defiance of God. Wasn’t that the… Read more »