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Transgender = Confusion Based on LIES

When scientists find real physical evidence of “the truth” (like this below) the world will still ignore the evidence because “they prefer to believe the lie and live in their sinful lifestyles.” The god of this world (Satan) has fooled them, blinded them from seeing where it will end them up. Whenever the truth is… Read more »

Just Because We Live in America….

Just because we live in America doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen to us; it’s just a matter of time.   Jesus taught His disciples that they would suffer for Him, for His coming Kingdom. But He sent His Spirit to be in them so that they could endure it and see the glorious… Read more »


The “division in the church” today that is so grievous is because GODLY wisdom is lacking today in the church. You have those who stand on the truth alone. You have those who stand on love alone. But Jesus is both truth and love. He said, “I AM the Truth, the Way and the Life.”… Read more »

The Principle of Preparing

For the Church to see “the rapture” as the finish line of our faith is to be like a near-sighted runner in a race that stops 10 yards short of the finish line. (See Mike’s detailed teaching about this on our “Prepare” page of our website)   The generation of the faithful in Christ that… Read more »

Letter to our President and Vice-President

Dear President Trump and Vice President Pence,   This letter is full of praise unto our God and is why we want to:   Thank you for your personal sacrifices on behalf of true Americans; legal law-abiding patriots; those who love and uphold our good Constitution and who live here as Americans. Thank you!  … Read more »


Self-respect has been lost in America (for most); personally and nationally. Personally: self-respect is understanding your worth and having the self-control and wisdom to develop that worth for ‘good’ not ‘evil’ – the personal worth that God put in us as He formed us in the womb. America needs to get back to doing the… Read more »

Compromise or Courage?

Suffering from persecution for the Gospel’s sake has more believability for God’s eternal life – than only enjoying the benefits of the Gospel in our earthly life.   What is the advantage of being more focused on the things above, than on the things of our earthly life? If we don’t have a stronger longing… Read more »

Running Wild

Moses had been on top the mountain with God 40 days receiving God’s Law for the people to live by; the Ten Commandments.   While Moses was gone the people waiting at the base of the mountain began to “run wild” thinking their leader wasn’t going to return and then what; how would we be… Read more »