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Radical Islam

CAIR: The Counsel for American-Islamic Relations. A Muslim civil rights and advocacy group. Its headquarters is on Capitol Hill in Washington DC with regional offices nationwide.   If you don’t know anything about Islam – the one thing you need to know is that the Islam god is the only true god: Allah. Allah in… Read more »

Our New Bodies

I had a thought which led to a question this morning for Father God while He and I were fellowshiping on the patio. Some questions I ask Him are not for me to know the answers to, I believe because they are far too wonderful for me to know. (Job 42:3)   In fact, we… Read more »

Prayer Moves God

Prayer moves God. God acts through His people who will act in HIS response to their prayers.   The prayer of faith in God’s Word – is an act of power over our enemies of which there are a great number of enemies of our “flesh, world and devil.” So, shouldn’t we pray at all… Read more »

Hand Outs

In our Lord’s parable of the “Bags of Gold” (Matthew 25) I saw the difference between God’s Handouts and the Government’s handouts.   In this parable we learn how God entrusts us with His wealth for the Kingdom. To some He gives more than to others, but to all He gives – so they can… Read more »

Ready and Prepared?

I found this man’s recount of the last 50 years of the Church’s decline in America very thought provoking.   The “Jesus Movement” was an epic revival, called by some historians “The Fourth Great Awakening.” It swept millions into the Christian Faith from its inception around 1965 to its demise around 1985. Biblical prophecy became… Read more »

The Proverbs 31 Woman – Chapter 41 – Home of the Just

The Bible has been called all sorts of things by all kinds of people who judge God’s Word when they could be wonderfully changed by God’s Word. The Bible continues to live on by transforming one bewildered mind after another, one meaningless life after another, one broken marriage after another, one dysfunctional family after another,… Read more »

Loving Myself?

My Christian friend and I were talking, and she shared how hard it is for her to “love herself.” I thought, “Is that what we’re supposed to do, love ourselves?” “Can we really do that?” “What did Jesus teach us about love?” Then I began to see the deception of the enemy in my friend’s… Read more »

The Proverbs 31 Woman – Chapter 40 – Orderly Life

I’ve heard so many people say that they feel “peace” in our home. A peaceful home has God’s order in it.   If we reject God’s laws of order then we become part of the increasing chaos and hostility in society. God’s family on the earth is God’s pillars in society. When the ‘family’ is… Read more »