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God Warns and Promises

  Therefore, hear the Word of the LORD, you scoffers who rule. You have entered into a covenant with death and made an agreement with the realm of the dead. You have made lies your refuge and falsehood your hiding place.   Your refuge of lies will be swept away and so will your hiding… Read more »

Weapons of Power

I saw a new T-shirt that says: When guns are outlawed, people become outlaws.   Right now the NRA has taken our 2nd Amendment right to the Supreme Court to protect our right to “carry and conceal” for one’s own protection, as needed in these days especially with idiots wanting to defund, obstruct, disarm and… Read more »

Hardened Heart

When I read in the book of Exodus, how God hardened the heart of Egypt’s Pharaoh, I always wondered why. Why would God harden anyone’s heart towards Him, when we’re told that, “God so loved the world that He gave His Son, so that anyone who believes on Him would not perish but have everlasting… Read more »

Haman/Harris Administration

Reading in Esther of the Bible, once again I see a relation to what is happening in America. This (Biden) Harris administration is no different than the “Haman-administration.” Biden being told by others, unable to see what he needs to see, like King Xerxes. Harris, at Biden’s side, scheming, “looking for a way to destroy… Read more »

The Deep State

The “deep state” isn’t called DEEP for nothing! The deeper, the darker; the darker, the harder to see what’s really going on there. Thank God that even the dark is as LIGHT to Him! Nothing is hidden in His sight.   These politicians that are called “leaders”  are simply wolves in sheep’s clothing. I’m praying… Read more »

Fear vs. Trust

I heard a quote that really speaks to me: “What you fear most reveals where you trust God THE LEAST.”

Ask Me For Anything

As I was reading in John where Jesus is responding to Philip’s request of Jesus to show them the Father and then that will be enough for them to believe (John 14:8), Jesus answers him, “believe on the evidence of the works themselves;” the works His Father gave His Son to do. (John 14: 11)… Read more »

The Things to Come!

I LOVE discussing those things that are to come according to the Word of God; those things to come that Jesus said is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit to tell us – so that WE WILL BE PREPARED in each and every last generation, both physically/practically prepared AND especially spiritually prepared “in Christ.”  … Read more »

You Will Understand Later

I was feeling anxious waiting on God to do what He said He would do for us. I was feeling worried about the future for our grandchildren in America. I was feeling angry about America’s new governmental administration of evil in the White House, the Senate and the House. I was asking the Lord to… Read more »

The Eagle Flies High

I just learned the other day something (from Mike) about the eagle. God has made the eagle to be able to fly higher than any other bird. A crow pecking at an eagle as the crow latches on to the back of the eagle as the eagle is flying, will pass out as the eagle… Read more »