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Nearer To You

“You opened by mind to Heaven above and captured my heart with Your holy love. A life of joy and lasting forgivenness, I never fear cuz I’m in Your presence. You gave me strengths and weakness too. Weakness is better, it’s drawn to You. I treasure Your words that light my path and show me… Read more »


Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire, Unuttered or expressed; The motion of a hidden fire That trembles in the breast.   Prayer is the burden of a sigh, The falling of a tear, The upward glancing of an eye, When none but God is near.   Prayer is the simplest form of speech That infant… Read more »

Religion vs. Relationship with Jesus

There are all kinds of churches today; one for every kind of belief system a person has about who God is. The number of “religions” continue to grow.   What is a religion? It’s that which a person serves in their belief about God. Jesus said: “Wide is the gate and broad is the way… Read more »

God’s Laws vs. Man’s Laws

This morning in the Word of God I read what the Psalmist said about the Law of God and all that it does for people and societies. Then I started to think about America’s laws, or any nation’s laws for that matter, and what those laws do for us, or rather do TO us.  … Read more »

Wake up Wise up and Get to Work

This morning while praying against this evil of the N.Y. Governor making law for babies to be killed up to their time of birth, the thought came to me (PLUNK) that this EVIL has woken up God’s people to action just like Obama’s presidency woke us up to action – seeing what we were about… Read more »

Hiding God’s Word in My Heart

As I was praying this morning – a thought came. Plunk! A thought the Holy Spirit drops into the conversation I’m having with my Father. (Father/Son/Spirit are one) The thought was: “None of My gifts work right without the Word of God hidden in the heart.” So I began to meditate on that truth. I… Read more »