Will Jesus Recognize You?

Not everyone who comes to the cross of Jesus comes under the yoke of Jesus because of the risk of loss they see in doing so. This is why Jesus taught in so many different ways about His Kingdom and the reward of their faithfulness that would far outweigh all they had to endure for His Kingdom. Jesus Himself kept ‘that joy’ before Him all the way to the cross. The “joy” in Him was the eternal holy family His sacrifice would yield.


To “believe” in the Lord means more than we realize; more than what has been taught in the churches. Imagine what it would be like to finally see Jesus Christ and then for Him not to even recognize you! Imagine hearing Him say to you, “Go away. I don’t know you.” He warned us about this. Why would He say this? I strongly believe that we need to know Jesus Christ for who He truly is instead of conjuring up a Jesus of your own.


After coming to Jesus we naturally want Jesus to walk with us in the way we have been going, and would like to go. He understands this; that it takes time for new believers to change their minds and ways. He gave us His Holy Spirit to fill us with His presence, to teach us His Word and to help us spiritually see and joyfully walk His narrow path till we see Him face to face.

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