“When abortion ends, child corruption in America might end as well.”

These points come from Linda Harvey’s column in January’s Whistleblower magazine. She is president of Mission America and a weekly columnist for WND (World Net Daily – Whistleblower). Prayer and comments at end are mine.



“New York Times published a story: “His eye make-up is better than yours.” About a 10 year old boy and his Instagram make-up following. There’s a flooding from the media featuring stories that highlight gender-confused kids, with a chorus of support for this delusional behavior.”


“Teen Vogue magazine featured an article about how to safely engage in anal sex.”


“In public libraries children with their on-looking parents listen to men dressed in female attire and hideous make-up (drag-queens) read books to innocent children.”


“In Austin Texas, an International Drag Festival, an all-ages event, featured an 11-year-old boy dressed a girl dancing before other children and cheering transvestites, some of whom also took the stage for obscene performances, occurring at a Holiday Inn.”


“Disney topped the list of offending producers with their remake of Beauty and the Beast where they cast one of the males as a homosexual character, (subtle but sure).”


“TV shows more and more introducing obscenity and/or homosexuality themes to children. Netflix’s Big Mouth. Disney’s Doc McStuffins, Andi Mack and Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Disney is also a major donor to the Gay/Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). Disney has not been the same since Walt Disney left.”


“A New Jersey bill PASSED that guaranteed confidentiality for kids engaging in transgender-behavior, because, as we all know, parents are the enemy, right? Similar school policies exist in Maine, Maryland, Hawaii and elsewhere.”


“Hollywood rushed to give awards to a movie featuring the “romance” of a teen boy being seduced by an adult man. Movie is called: Call Me by Your Name. Accusations keep piling up of alleged abuse of boy actors by powerful Tinseltown males. Former child actor Corey Feldman’s long-time allegations are finally getting a hearing.”


“Schools continue to promote homosexual and transgender behavior.” (Against parent’s rights and input.)


“GLSEN’s propaganda events like the April – Day of Silence and fall – Ally Week can hardly be taken seriously anymore. There is no silence with this obnoxiously LOUD agenda. They have financial allies like Target, Wells Fargo, Walt Disney Co. and JP Morgan Chase.”


“Radical pro-abortion forces have teamed up with homosexual activist groups to push for more-explicit-than-ever comprehensive sex education curricula in schools, where 7th graders are told that vaginal, anal and oral sex are equally valid sex practices, all normal for teens and manageable with condoms (which are demonstrated on plastic models). The sound (truthful) alternative teaching of abstinence is dismissed and mocked.


“Rights, Respect, Responsibility” “Get Real” “Making Proud Choices” “Be Proud! Be Responsible” “F.L.A.S.H.” “Reducing the Risk” “Teen Talk” – While these may look professional on the outside, they are some of the most objectionable curricula in schools, and parents need to revolt, as many are.”


“Too many vulnerable children are being violated and videotaped for the voyeuristic pleasure of evil adults. There’s big money in the child rape trade, and organized crime is making this product a priority. More and more ‘influential’ educators, professors, police, federal officials, judges and lawyers are being arrested and charged for these crimes.”


“Those who have charge over children are sometimes ‘deliberately’ directing them away from Christian faith. Brave Christian voices are bullied into silence. Too often, Christian students and teachers cannot stand up against homosexual propaganda without being persecuted at school in clear violation of our First Amendment freedom. Few will resist educators, administrators and school-board members firmly entrenched in their anti-morality, anti-Christian positions.”


God WILL help us when we start understanding, praying and organizing ourselves to get with “obstructing and resisting” these evils.


“While the chance to believe in Jesus Christ is the most important opportunity we can offer a child, those who are not allowed to be born in the first place never have that chance. Abortion continues to be the biggest preventable threat to children in the U.S., yet is still supported up until birth by many PROGRESSIVES and DEMOCRATIC PARTY POLITICIANS.”


We must do everything possible to stop abortion and save babies in the womb; through all sorts of means, especially to see pro-life policies enacted.


When abortion ends, child corruption in America might end as well.”


Father God, turn the hearts of fathers back to their children, and the hearts of children to their godly fathers – that they grow up in the truth and love of Jesus Christ. Father God, transform our thinking by the renewing of our minds with Your Truth, Your Word is Truth. Purify our hearts as we repent and turn from our own wicked ways. For nothing is hidden from You. Hear our requests and cries for help in this wicked society. We want to make ready a people prepared for You and Your Kingdom. In Jesus’ Name.


In reaching the hearts of our children from their earliest ages, we must first practice morality and self-governing as parents, turn from our own wicked ways. Then start teaching our children morality as defined by our Creator God; we must teach them respect for life, that abortion is a great evil; we must teach them first before they are taught by others. We protect our children by removing our children from schools where they are being taught that evil is good and good is evil, and find ways to organize (with God’s help) the proper environment for our children to be taught basic education and right values.


Self-governing using God’s definition of morality – is POWERFUL in overcoming our enemies.


“I will say further that the rules that we learn from Scripture provide the framework for a society based on love, respect and creativity, as opposed to power and control….Sexuality OUTSIDE the framework of mutual love, commitment and respect between husband and wife is transformed from a physical expression of intimacy and beauty to the gross and crass behavior of brutes.


“Government was not designed to ‘mend men’s souls.’ It was designed to allow citizens to live free” (and self-governed under God’s laws of life and love).


Our first president: George Washington said, “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be managed without religion.”


“Washington’s point is crucial. In a free society, one in which we want to minimize government and political control, we must maximize SELF-GOVERNANCE. The proper morality that emerges from true religion provides the rules by which free men and women govern their own behavior.”


“The only viable path to a healthy, free nation: Choose to heed the wisdom of our first president (founding father).”

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