The Proverbs 31 Woman – Chapter 8 – The Glorified Womb

God has given man His will to do. A wife makes her husband’s responsibility to God much easier when she works with him rather than working against him. A man’s God-given burdens are lightened by his wife’s favorable attention to it; helping her husband using her abilities, spiritual gifts and prayers – in doing God’s will. God’s will for a man requires the man’s wife to be his partner in it. And this is a very beautiful thing to see at work.


The wife who does not glorify her husband can not glorify God. This is so important to understand. Women today do not like to hear that they were made “for the glory of man;” that God “created woman for man.” (Genesis 2:20-21 and 1 Corinthians 11:7-10) Why would a woman feel offended by this? Does this offend you?


Most little girls have not been raised up to think the right way about boys/men and marriage, and is why most Christian marriages don’t last. Most little boys have not been raised to think the right way about girls/women and what “marriage” is for – by God’s design and purpose.


In many places on the earth women are regarded as slaves and treated like animals or objects. This is not what God had in mind for a man’s wife or any woman. It doesn’t matter where you live on this earth, no matter what religion you accept or are forced to accept, no matter what government you live under and no matter whose wife you are; you are God’s beautiful and valuable daughter. Put your trust in your Father above, give your heart to Jesus Christ your only hope and Savior, and then watch how your heavenly Father deals with those who mistreat you.


God deals severely with the men (and boys) who make His daughters (at any age) to live in fear or shame. You belong to God first. It is a dreadful thing to experience the righteous anger of God for how one of His daughters are mistreated. Turn an evil man over to your Savior and Deliverer, and remain faithful in praying for him. Love never fails!


A woman’s success as a godly wife and mother is found in her close relationship with the Lord and how skillful she becomes in using all that she’s been given to benefit her husband and her children. Even as I write those words – there came a thought: “What about me? Why can’t I benefit myself with my own skills?” Even if I never marry and/or never have children – it is never all about me!


God gave women an honor that He did not give men. In the womb of woman God perfectly forms each human life with incredibly unique aspects so that there are no two people alike ever created. (Psalms 139:13-15) Yes, human life starts at conception as far as man can see, or at least he should see this as truth, but as far as God sees – you were His thought and joy before anything came into existence. God planned your existence before your mom got pregnant with you. God planned for YOU to be born and to come to know His love and purpose before He created a thing. To live and thrive and know your heavenly Father through Jesus Christ is everyone’s God-given right and purpose. We all come from God and return to God, and we are held accountable for the life He gave us; both physically and spiritually.


In some cultures women have grown up believing they have the right to abort the child in their womb. I believe in women’s rights, but a woman’s “right to choose” doesn’t apply when she’s on the abortionist’s table; it applies when she is tempted to spread her legs for a man or boy, if you know what I mean. Abortion is not the right choice! It’s not the right choice even when the doctor tells the mother and father that having the baby will put the mother’s life in jeopardy. Calling on God’s power and trusting Him for the outcome of the delivery – is the only right choice. God knows and has a plan for that unborn child no matter what stage of growth he/she is in.


And, it’s not the right choice in the case of rape either! Why should a baby pay (by death) for the sin of someone else. So you don’t want to be reminded of what happened? So you don’t want to take the chance that the child would be like his/her father? So you aren’t ready to have a child? So, so, so! SO! Let’s try trusting God! Let’s give God a chance to make it all work out perfectly.


Condemn the criminal, not the child! Forgiving the offense helps you to heal from any offense taken against you. Forgive the offense and welcome the child; this is how you overcome what has been done to you. You can forgive any offense; it’s a choice and it can be done when we consider how Christ has forgiven each of us. No one is righteous or good according to God. “All have sinned” and need to be forgiven!


You can forgive the offender even though you never see the offender again. But in cases where the offender is someone close to you like a family member, and who has not been arrested, forgiving the offender doesn’t mean you have to be around them, or to pretend to feel what you don’t feel in their presence. Again, call on the Lord and entrust yourself to HIM who deals justly with the wicked. “Vengeance is mine,” says the Lord. “I WILL REPAY!”


God is eager to do what looks impossible to us when we acknowledge who HE IS and surrender our understanding to His perfect wisdom and love. The doctor that considers abortion as an option is NOT to be trusted. Trust God instead, because God is the creator of your womb and of the child in you. Trust God and then give Him the glory for the outcome!


Jesus is the only One that can heal us because when Jesus suffered at the hands of evil men, even by his own family members, He forgave them all. His love covered a multitude of sins; the sin of the whole world! Imagine that. That same Holy Spirit in Jesus can do the same in us, if we allow Him to. Call on Jesus Christ for His forgiving you of all your sins – and then ask Him for His Holy Spirit power for you to forgive others.


For a little girl who has been violated – she will need a wise godly woman (mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, etc.) to help her come through it so it does not ruin her potential and good future. God will help any girl or woman who asks Him for the power to forgive and see her situation as an opportunity. What happens to each of us can be used for good in some way if we allow the Lord to heal us and impart His wisdom. His healing us makes us responsible with “that healing” from Him. It’s not all about you. Every miracle from God requires us to follow through with what His miracle was intended to do for others.


God is love. God is eternal. God is Creator of all life. God’s will and instruction for mankind to increase – has never changed. The womb of the woman belongs to God; He created our womb. The sperm of a man connecting with the egg of his wife is to produce offspring. This is the primacy of sexual intercourse within marriage. God added ‘a feeling’ to pro-creation between husband and wife, but sadly this “feeling” has become the priority so that we now have sexual perversions esteemed and taught as normal and good. What a surprise they have coming.


Through the ages the devil used his vessels to train women and little girls to think of themselves wrongly; to think of their bodies (and their wombs) in an evil way instead of God’s holy way. Women have it down to an art how to use their bodies and sex appeal to get what they want. They actually see it as a talent or skill that should be developed. Hollywood is filled with such women and young aspiring actresses. Books are published about them. Songs are written to esteem them. Children are sacrificed for them. That which is evil has become noble! That which is honorable has become shameful!


“A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown, but a shameful wife is like decay in his bones.” Proverbs 12:4


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