The Proverbs 31 Woman – Chapter 41 – Home of the Just

The Bible has been called all sorts of things by all kinds of people who judge God’s Word when they could be wonderfully changed by God’s Word. The Bible continues to live on by transforming one bewildered mind after another, one meaningless life after another, one broken marriage after another, one dysfunctional family after another, and the Day is coming when the world will be transformed by God’s Son reigning on this earth, as promised.


Ignorance is a choice. Ignorance is Satan’s breeding ground. God makes sure that the truth about His Son comes to us all as many times as needed. His grace has appeared to all people for it is His will that no one dies under the guilt-load of their sins, but that they die “in Christ” who takes that guilt from us when we confess our sins and trust Him as our Savior.


No one will stand before God our Creator and Judge with any excuse for their ignorance concerning God’s Son and what He came down to earth to do for us, or for not knowing about His Son’s coming back to reign on the earth. God’s Word to us has remained and will remain available to anyone in any generation and His Word takes priority over the words of man.


The Lord will not hold us accountable to what anyone else wants us to learn and believe. We are to judge all teaching by God’s Word. His Word (the Bible) is the most important book to read and study. Devotionals are nice for bed-time reading but never to replace your own personal time with the Holy Spirit in the Bible. What others learn from opening up God’s Word themselves is not how we fellowship with the Lord, and hear from Him direct.


God wants us to be ‘heads’ not ‘tails.’ We are to follow Him and not others; not follow the crowd nor follow the majority. God’s children are to be leaders like Jesus. We are to be His helpers ready to help in the way He tells us to help, not to be those who are helplessly looking to others. God will prosper those who understand their God-given purpose in life; for they are wise – knowing how to use what God has generously given them.


The faithful woman knows all God’s promises and she won’t forfeit one of them for a temporary thing in this world. She will not be tempted to doubt that God will make good all His promises in time. This is why she is most confident with who she is, most content in life and most careful with her words and ways with people, especially with her husband and children.


The woman that God honors can make ‘accurate’ judgments about herself and her future, about her husband and children, about the culture she lives in, about her friends, about everything – because she lives by God’s love, God’s order and God’s promises. She condemns evil by what God calls evil. She commends righteousness by what God calls righteousness. The Spirit of God in her makes her a good judge of character knowing who can be trusted and who shouldn’t be trusted. Not even her beloved children can pull the wool over her eyes.


The godly woman is a student of the Holy Spirit where He instructs her about her own heart, her marriage, her family and home. Her daily attendance with the Holy Spirit is perfect because in her opinion she has no better teacher and friend.


Who is teaching you? What are you feeding your spirit and soul each day?


The homes of God’s people are to always be ready for guests and strangers – of the Lord. Since women don’t see their homes as the Lord sees their homes they keep busy with the ministries in their church buildings. “Come to my church!” has replaced “Come to my home” and worse, “Come to my church has replaced our telling our testimony to someone and adding, “Come to Jesus!”  We have even made the church service the way and place to invite people to come to Jesus. And yes, people can get saved by coming to our church. People need to hear your testimony more than a sermon. They need to be in your home and with your family more than in a church building where people are not always their true selves.


I believe that hospitality at home is one way that makes Christianity powerful and persuasive.


Is the Lord free to fellowship in your home? Is He free to have people over in your home where they are treated as He would treat them? In the home of the righteous is where the Lord gets to show off what He’s done for His servants who live there. Impartial and generous we are to be with His love for people. In the home of God’s saints you will see how His truth and love has been most effective.


“The curse of the LORD is in the house of the wicked: but he blesses the habitation of the just.” Proverbs 3:33 (Webster Bible Translation)


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