The Proverbs 31 Woman – Chapter 18 – An Enterprise Perspective

The truly fulfilled woman has the confidence, energy and initiative to start and carry on with projects till finished. Even undertakings that are risky and somewhat dangerous she will take on as long as it lines up with God’s will for her and her family. We are denying God and lying to ourselves if we are applying this confidence, energy and initiative outside our marriage and family so that it has little to no benefit to our husband and children.  As wives and mothers our husband and children come first and God will hold us responsible for this remaining our top priority. They deserve more than left-overs and crumbs that fall off the table. They deserve all our attention, energy and affection.


The woman who trusts in God has a readiness to take a risk with her enterprise perspective. She sees it as an adventure with God who would have something extremely beneficial for her and her family. She’s not afraid of failing either; for it only helps her narrow in her perspective to do things in the most excellent way; the most effective way.


The reason there are countries of people going without food is because of wicked leaders. The reason our neighbor or relative is going without food is because – those who have more than enough – simply don’t care. “For the fool speaks folly, his mind is busy with evil: He practices ungodliness and spreads error concerning the Lord; the hungry he leaves empty and from the thirsty he withholds water.” (Isaiah 32:6)


The woman of virtue pulls together what others (especially her husband and children) are in need of and figures a way to get it – knowing full well that when she asks, she gets; when she seeks, she finds; when she knocks, the door is opened to her. This is who ‘her’ Father God is. Our Father God doesn’t expect us to do more than we can with more than we have; just that we do something within our own means and abilities, and watch how He can bless it all the more.


If we are not moved by our faith in what we see happening around us we will do nothing, or we will do things that aren’t going to really help in a right way. Our enterprise perspective should have God’s heart in it if we expect Him to bless it so that it benefits our family and community, and so that what we do will be rewarded one day by our Lord God.


God gets emotional when He sees people being deprived of food and water, but God’s emotions do not result in the same way the emotions of worldly people do. It is not God’s will that people starve to death, but they do. It’s not God’s fault when He has generously given us everything we need to take care of the world and that He put mankind in charge of. We have left far too much in the hands of corrupt leaders and greedy governments. But in countries where there is a devil-like man in control over the people – we should not forget that God is still God of the impossible; God of all wonders just waiting to work though His children of faith, hope and love.


Any nation that is rich in resources and supplies, and not rich in humanitarian efforts could become an impoverished nation overnight. God has put more than enough resources in the earth; it only takes people with the right enterprise perspective to discovery it and put it to GOOD use.


Any government that deprives its people of the fruit of their own labors could quickly become a depleted government. It is happening here in America with government growing bigger and bigger, raising taxes and making more laws with unfair and unnecessary regulations to discourage free enterprise.


Definition of Free Enterprise: “Freedom of private business to organize and operate for profit in a competitive system without interference by government beyond regulation necessary to protect public interest and keep the national economy in balance.” Not all government leaders honor and uphold this God-given right. They want ‘slavery’ where the people work for them and their greedy/selfish/wicked agendas. Oh Lord, deliver us from evil!


As a woman of God it is not enough to care only for feeding my own children. I must take in consideration the whole world of God’s children, for anything less than that would not be compatible with the heart of God and His unlimited storehouse. But God does not expect me to do more than what He’s enabled me to do with how He has blessed me. We can fear not having enough for ourselves if we take care of someone else, but how can we out-give the Lord? We can’t. God has enabled me to serve Him without any fear! Just be wise in what you feel you should do for others. Human sympathy won’t get the results that godly compassion gets.


Whatever the harvest you want, plowing is how you begin. Plow with prayer to the God who defends and blesses the enterprise perspective of His children.


A wife and mother’s enterprise perspective takes in consideration how her work will affect her family and home-life. My get-up-and-go needs to have the right motive in it, or it can cause your husband to get-up-and-go to another woman. My get-up-and-go can run right over my children too, and crush their potential.


Children are naturally inclined to think only of themselves and they must be taught and held accountable to the needs of those around them, beginning at home. They need to be taught that God will make sure that they will have all that they need just as long as they are doing a good work that pleases God. This is the right foundation for an enterprise perspective; that it pleases our Father God.


Our attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus. (Philippians 2:1-5) We each should look not only to our own interests and how to take care of ourselves, but also to the genuine needs and godly interests of those God puts in our lives – as important as our own. God sees our humility or pride or greed in “humanitarian efforts.” We can fool people, but not the Lord.


There will always be the ignorant who will misunderstand when a true leader sets out with a genuine interest and bold work for the good welfare of his nation; a nation that has been taken advantage of for so long. It happened to Jesus when He saw what was happening in Jerusalem’s Temple with wicked leaders taking advantage of God’s people, and it is happening to our nation and to our world where evil rules over the people. But when God’s people humble themselves, repent of their own wicked ways and pray to Him about it, God will turn things around.


We are living in a day of great turmoil and Christian persecution, but also in a time of great opportunity from God! Father God, help us to see what we need to see, know what we need to know, in order to do what we need to do.


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