The Proverbs 31 Woman – Chapter 15 – She Makes and Sells

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, or so it’s been said by wise mothers of the past. When we aren’t doing the right things with our hands and our time you can be sure that what we are otherwise doing are non-important things and even wicked things in the eyes of God. You won’t find women wasting their skills and strength if they know the truth as to how God made them and what their life on earth is all about as a daughter of His.


When I was a teenage girl I preferred hanging out and partying with my girlfriends of like-mind. I was living out that cliché: “Girls just want to have fun.” Recreational activities are very important for enjoying and bonding with family and friends, but much of what people call fun today is just plain immoral, degrading and destructive to societies.


We are wrong in thinking that our children need to have fun in non-constructive and non-productive ways, or to be active doing things that have nothing to do with who they really are. Children today have the wrong idea about work and fun, and so do most adults. Skill and excellence is hard to find in our society today. Those who do work for excellence in their skills are few and far between. Business owners are looking for skilled and confident workers that they can count on, and they are willing to pay a high price for a rare find.


Children need to grasp early in life that there is greatness in them; that they have been given talents and abilities from God to be developed so they can prosper in life, and so that God can use them in many ways. It fulfills me to be of use to God. It blesses Him when His children work to please their Father God.


When the creative juices of true femininity and true masculinity are hindered in girls and boys during their developing years they will find false fulfillment in this world and waste their time and talents that God has given them. They may rise to the top of worldly standards, but in God’s eternal kingdom they will not be known or even remembered. If we fail to keep and teach the reality of Christ’s kingdom we and our children will miss the life that is truly life.


If all you know how to do is go to a store and buy what you need or want, then you will be one of the needy people when life as you’ve known it – changes dramatically; when you can’t go to a store and buy a thing. And yes, this day is coming for those who refuse to take the “mark of the beast.” We see this “mark” progressing with “micro-implants” in pets and employees, and now with babies. The devil has his own agenda in this progressivism; for he wants nothing more than to hurt and kill the children of God; to make them look like fools so their message about Christ and His cross of redemption will be trampled on. God’s people need to learn how to depend on God and how to be ready and prepared in practical ways.


Government was never designed ‘by God’ to control our lives and do for us what we are to do for each other; serve one another in love by using our talents and abilities that God gave us. We need to return to what God gave us our hands and common sense for!


Government hand-outs is not God’s way; it’s the devil’s way of making people dependent on man with their worldly systems instead of on God and what He’s given us to prosper with and help others with.


Man has wonderfully come up with the way to use wind and solar power, and what he gets out of the ground and mountains, and out of the depths of the sea. Man comes up with the “industry,” but initially he needs that which God created. This is God’s desire for mankind. God’s creation is sustained by God Himself so that we need NOT fear running out. Man needs to learn how to properly use God’s created “things.”


I believe God thoroughly enjoyed His six days of Creation. I believe the work He did, that He called “good,” was exciting to see throughout its day by day production. I believe our Father desires the same for us; that we would also enjoy the work of our hands, and enjoy the fruit of our labor. I believe He wants us to take one day a week off to appreciate how we have been so blessed by God.


“For six days work may be done, but on the seventh day there is a sabbath of complete rest, a holy convocation.” Leviticus 23:3


The Lord says, “My chosen ones will long enjoy the works of their hands.” Isaiah 65:22


What the Proverbs 31 woman makes and sells is needed in any generation of God’s people who are preparing for His kingdom.



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