I’m thankful for our founding fathers and the Constitution they formed with so much foresight and wisdom in it, understanding the future conflicts that would come, and with God’s help – designing it so that our freedoms, especially our religious freedoms, would be protected and not able to be controlled or threatened by the government.


Religious expression (peaceful not hostile expression) is not to be kept out of public life. The Constitution being designed to protect personal God-given rights, and keeping government from having the right to control our “freedom of conscience and faith in God.”


Thank You Father God for those men and their families that sacrificed and risked their lives to start a new life here of liberty and the pursuit of happiness – everyone’s God-given right. Thank You Father God for our law enforcerment and military who protect us and especially I want to thank You Father God for a new president who will honor this and protect it for all Americans. Thank You Father God for a new president that honors the “traditional” family as God designed the family. Thank You Father God for our family of 21; five faithful marriages; 11 precious grandchildren growing up with faith in Jesus Christ as they follow after their faithful parents, blessed and highly favored of God.


I’m so VERY thankful for the bright future that our God has prepared for those who love HIM! Tidings of COMFORT and JOY to all God’s people! For, all good things come from our Father God who has graciously shown us how much HE LOVES US! Hallelujah to the Lamb of God our Father! What a Savior; the only hope for this world! What a friend we have in Jesus Christ who laid down His life for us all! Even for His enemies! Amazing!


I thank God for the peace HE will bring to the world, because ‘His’ peace this world knows nothing about and neither can this world give us peace and rest. Thank YOU FATHER in Heaven for all YOUR blessings, but I thank YOU mostly for giving me the faith to believe in Jesus Christ my Savior and KING! Jesus is coming again, and there is no stopping Him from finishing the WORD OF GOD for mankind. GLORY to GOD on HIGH! We Your children PRAISE YOU!

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