Ready and Prepared?

I found this man’s recount of the last 50 years of the Church’s decline in America very thought provoking.


The “Jesus Movement” was an epic revival, called by some historians “The Fourth Great Awakening.” It swept millions into the Christian Faith from its inception around 1965 to its demise around 1985. Biblical prophecy became basic to the revival – but it eventually lost its credibility, leading in part to the almost complete lack of urgency that today plagues the entire evangelical church. (Quote)


Whenever there is a crisis – most Christians continue doing things as usual. Yet, because of the powerful praying of “the faithful few,” God continues to work at getting the attention of all His people. The Lord certainly does desire that ALL His people be ready and prepared for Him in the way He says to.  We see the results of our complacency (lack of urgency) and our self-absorbed rejection of God’s call to us for repentance, as we see in all the Lord’s rebukes to His people as seen in 5 out of His 7 letters to His churches. (Revelation 2 and 3) This 5 out of 7 is called the majority of His people, or the majority of His churches.


We see the results of stagnant religions (growing in numbers) throughout our nation because people have missed what it means to be “in Christ.”


We see the taking over of children’s minds in the schools and of millennials in universities with unholy teachings that not only depreciate human life but subtlety destroys a society/nation.


America’s true purpose from God is hanging by a thread, but if God’s people will see their responsibility to the nation in which they live: daily repent both for themselves and for those before us who also dropped the ball, privately open God’s Word at home to hear directly from the Lord – that we return to His will and wisdom by the leadership of His Holy Spirit – God will still use America ‘for His good purpose’ and not allow her to be used by the ungodly politicians seeking their own agendas.


But do you believe that God is through with America? If so, then you will probably not do anything different than you have before, believing that God will take believers out of this horrible world one day with the “rapture.” BUT, the rapture is for the “faithful” not the “unfaithful.” And, we have been given a commission from Christ with the warning to be faithful to the end.  We see in Christ’s letters to His churches that if we are unfaithful – that we lose what we assumed we had with Him. (Revelation 2 and 3)


With all the ongoing ‘exposure’ of corrupt politics and with the growing acceptance of ‘truth’ about when life begins – is God beginning to answer the cries and prayers of the “faithful few” over this last decade or two? Yet, this “faithful” army MUST grow and spread into key positions of influence throughout our land. That means not only more enrolling to stay at their prayer posts through the ongoing battles, but also trained in righteousness to be in key positions of godly influence especially in branches of government; so that the disobedient will turn to the wisdom of the righteous as they see the RESULTS of righteousness leading in our land: GOD’S THOROUGH BLESSING.


So, may the hearts of fathers turn back to the children, and the hearts of children back to the fathers of faith, hope and love in Jesus Christ.


America’s “civil war” that we are in is supremely about protecting the freedom of the unborn from the evils of abortion and protecting the minds of children in schools from false teaching. As we see individual states rising up against abortion on demand – may the God of human life rise up in power on behalf of RIGHTEOUSNESS! May God crush the schemes and works of evil-doers, and humble them before their Creator. In Jesus’ Name.


The ancient enemy of God and God’s good future for those who love God and His Son – is after our young. And we as parents need to see this and do all we can to protect our little children from unholy teaching/influence in their maturing lives, even giving up our own aspirations in the world to do so, sacrificing for the next generation to know and obey the Lord, and to “GO!” wherever the Lord tells them to, or to just stay put doing His perfect and acceptable will.  And may they each teach their children to do the same.


We can see this “civil war” as “humanism” against “Christianity.” We can see it as “progressive socialism” against “conservative capitalism.” We can see it as “slavery” against “freedom.” We can also see it as “the god of this world” against “the Lord of the nations.”


As we look out at the nations today and who their leaders are and how people are forced to think and live – we would have to admit that “the god of this world” is just about ready to show up in “bodily form” with his one-world government so easily accepted along with his slavery “mark” (according to God’s Word of prophecy about the last anti-Christ). BUT, that only means that so is Jesus Christ showing up ‘shortly’ after that in fulfillment of prophecy that God has described in His Word about His Kingdom coming to the earth AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. GLORY TO OUR KING!


Is it possible for America to have a ‘fifth’ Great Awakening? Or, is God done with His people in America – so that He lets all our enemies overtake us? Will His people unite and pray according to how HE IS working through key individuals that HE HAS put in place? Or, will His people continue to be self-absorbed and disunited and without a clear vision of the time we are in and what it means to “be ready and prepared for Him”?

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