Proverbs 31 Woman – Her Place of Power – Chapter 5

It’s not about us gals, it’s about our husbands. Satan knows it and so should we as God’s children.


“From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing and forceful men lay hold of it.”  Matthew 11:12


With women faithfully praying – God’s men will come into their purposed positions of authority. A prayer-army of wives – is undefeatable. God is certainly on the side warfare prayer. Women need far more training in this!


As wise women we need to see what the devil is up to. Because of Eve’s garden experience – as Spirit-filled women we should know how the serpent works and therefore knowing how to come against his schemes with God’s Word, just like Jesus did. It’s time godly women understood the need for direct hostile prayer-intercession for the kingdom of God to advance by the leadership of courageous men seeking to obey the call of God. It’s time we see who our husbands are to God and who our children are too.


“Help, LORD, for the godly man ceases! For the faithful disappear from among the sons of men.” Psalm 12:1


Woe to the woman who gets in the way of what God holds a man responsible for. God will shame the woman who demeans or despises a man’s calling from God. Satan plans to weaken your husband through you, just like he did in the garden with Adam and Eve. If he can keep your husband focused on what pleases you then Satan has won. Satan will use a wife’s worldly desires and insecurities to distract and weaken her husband so that he does not fulfill God’s call on him and his family.


Sarah weakened Abraham’s obedience to God. More than likely Sarah got tired of waiting on the promise that she would bare Abraham his son and did quite a bit of complaining about it. So she tempted her husband with Hagar her maidservant; that Hagar should give Abraham the son God promised, but this was not the way of the Lord at all. (We see this same evil today but with “surrogates” having babies for barren women and for homosexuals who can’t have children together.) Abraham doubted and compromised God’s promise to him and listened to his wife. This was not the way for Sarah to “help” Abraham do God’s will. What grief and suffering it caused them all.


If the enemy can get wives/women to complain and blame men, and to envy and covet what others have, and to compete for the positions God gives specifically to men – then the enemy has won to defeat true masculinity, and femininity as well.


“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is — his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:2-4


Wives are fully capable of destroying the very thing they first admired in their husband. By the enemy’s subtle clever work, along with the wife’s full cooperation (unaware of the devil’s schemes), a man, if he is not on-guard, can lose his confidence from and in the Lord. When a man loses his confidence in his God-given masculinity he becomes worthless to God in advancing God’s Kingdom.


Ladies, the man’s ego is from God. The ego in man is his confidence from God in ruling over and taking care of the creation God gave to man. Egoism is not from God. Egoism is from the devil. It is the belief that you are more important than anyone else, or it is the belief that there is no God to be accountable to. An egotist is a person full of himself, unable to esteem others above himself. Lucifer corrupted his own ego (worth) and became God’s number one enemy. Satan was (is) so full of himself that he believed he could rebel against God’s will and get away with it. Satan is still after the earthly throne in Jerusalem of God’s Son. Satan is aligning the nations to war against the return of Christ. But we know who wins!


Ego-theism is our identification with Deity. God said that He has created us in His image. The ego in man is how man knows he has the right to rule as God appointed him to. This “identification” is what compels him to protect and provide for his wife and children as God protects and provides for him. The male ego is what makes him confident about his role of masculinity.


Women have been taught that the man’s ego is something that needs to be stopped or at least restrained. Women think that because they don’t have this kind of ego (this headiness of man) that a man shouldn’t have it either. So in her ignorance, envy or resentment she goes to work chipping away at the male ego/masculinity. She believes she is right in shaming the man’s ego, and doing society a great favor, but she is doing great harm to her husband, her children and to her world.


Homosexuality, which turns men into women and women into men, is the work of Satan to strip men of their masculinity and to strip women of their femininity, and destroy the power of the family that God designed and established. The woman has not been given the ego of man. She’s been given a womb for bringing children into the world, and with unique nesting and nurturing abilities.


Wicked women don’t submit to men at any level. Is it any wonder that homosexuality is on the rise when boys have been unfaithfully taught to hate their natural masculinity and women taught to hate their natural femininity? How you are biologically born, male or female, is what you are and how you will be judged as to what you did with your role from God, and how you treated your body and lead others to do the same.


You should never judge all men by evil men in your life who have hurt you. You should never judge all men by one evil man in power with his egotistical demands on society. We should never be afraid to trust our husband because of what a man did to us in the past, unless you have chosen a man like the same.


A two-headed creature is not what God had in mind when He said of the man and his wife that “the two will become one.”

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