Proverbs 31 Woman – Chapter 25 – Trading That Brings a Profit

“She sees that her trading is profitable…..”


Worldly women make trade-offs that do not profit them or their family; and neither will any of it profit in the Kingdom of God. Power, prestige and possessions can deceive a women’s need of true fulfillment. If she is married, this can ruin her marriage and family’s future. True fulfillment comes from doing the will of the Lord our God.


It is a privilege, not a burden, to be about our Father’s work on earth. Jesus taught us to get under His yoke only because His work for us, whatever it is, is light and easy as we walk with Him; as we keep in step with His Spirit. I continually pray for this in my life.


Most wives and mothers consider home-making and raising children (even raising one child) a burden they don’t want. They trade having children at hand with having birth control pills at hand. They trade raising their own children with hiring others to care for their children each day. They trade cooking and cleaning at home with hiring others to cook and clean for them.


Careers do not raise godly children. Why trade godly children for a career? Why not trade a career for godly children? Possessions do not make a godly home. Why trade a simple comfortable home for more and more possessions that force you to work outside your home, or that force your husband to work longer hours? Why not trade greed for simplicity? Pleasure and indulgences do not promote godly unity of the family. Why trade family unity for individual indulgences? When everyone is busy doing their own thing there’s no time or place to interact with each other in thoughtful meaningful ways which promotes family unity.


I’ve heard Christian mothers hint to or even say outright that they would rather work outside their home than stay home with their children every day. What makes them think this way? Who did they learn from? What kind of parenting did they have?


Our work at home becomes burdensome when we have the wrong perspective about it; those women with the right perspective about family and home don’t see their work at home for their family burdensome at all. Our work at home can become burdensome when we work outside our home for others, giving our strength there.


The trade/career/profession/job you have chosen ‘outside the will of God’ will not profit you where you really need to see that profit show up, both at home with your family and where it counts for eternity.


We have our sight set too low if we think this life is all there is to consider. Our goals and work are not noble and praiseworthy if only for this earthly life we are striving and sacrificing.


I took my youngest daughter and son out of the public school system because I didn’t believe my children were profiting there. (And it’s even worse today what children are being taught in the public schools and universities that opposes our beliefs.) When I consider all the time my child spent at school each day and what they got out of it I had to agree with the Holy Spirit and conclude that they would be better off at home with me teaching them. God opened up to me a home-school teacher to help me. The trade-off was well worth it. Our children developed quickly in the areas of their own interests while continuing to grow in godly character. That’s a good trade for my time spent!


God is very clear about offering our children to the gods. This is what we do when we put them into the hands of secular schools, day care or preschool centers. (Leviticus 18:21) Whatever godliness you have instilled in your child at home will be undone during the time spent with the ungodly. This is not a good trade.


By the time your child is twelve you are past the better years of teaching your child what he/she should value in life, how they should treat and regard people, how to make wise choices and trades, how to work and why it’s good and meaningful to work. By the end of their teenage years you’re just about done shaping their character, except through prayer of course for the Lord to do what He does best.


By the time you are out of high school you should have a pretty good idea as to what you were meant to do in life, but most don’t because they don’t know their God and His plans for them.


Most public university students do not see a good profit for all their time and money spent in a university. We have wasted our time in secular schools and ultimately here on the earth when we have no idea as to who God is, what God has put inside of us and that we are meant to do on this earth. This is the worse exchange of time, strength and finances.


“My people are ruined because they don’t know what’s right or true; they are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6


The wise listen to the wise because of the results they see from what the wise do with what they know. Those who are wise with godly wisdom, know what to do with the truth and with what God has given them. The fool may learn from making his own repeated mistakes, and eventually begin to grow in wisdom, but most never learn true wisdom refusing to be humbled and raised up by God.


People can become too satisfied with the way things are, even if things are not as they should be and could be, and even if they have the power TO change things for the good (good as defined by God that is). Why is that? I believe it’s because to change things means a change in you first has to happen.


Most Christians remain in limbo or we stay stuck in a rut. We’ll stick to our same old habits in life and to our traditions of religion instead of making adjustments in our lives as need be with time and age, and as need be according to the instructions of Holy Spirit.


It profits us in so many ways to trade our foolishness for godly wisdom. When it comes to praying for a miracle, are we really ready to follow through with what God intends for His miracle to accomplish in our life? God does not do miracles for us just because He can or just because we ask. There is a higher purpose for everything He does in answer to our prayers. We ask God for a miracle, but God sees our heart – whether or not we will go all the way for what His purpose is for the miracle. This means we will have to make adjustments in our lives. Adjustments are trade-offs. For example:


God worked a miracle of healing my carpel-tunnel (without surgery) so that I could write for Him (type on the computer). As I wrote what He wanted me to write – the carpel-tunnel in my wrists healed miraculously without surgery. God told me ahead of time too (through a prophetic word spoken over me) that He was going to heal me and that I should wait for Him to do it. To write for the Lord meant making some personal adjustments in my life; giving up certain things I was doing each day for better things that needed to be done in obedience to the Lord. The “profit” from this will show up later where it really counts – for eternity.

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