Pretty Wrapper of Socialism of the Past

Clearly it is ‘millennials’ who are simply deceived about “socialism” (most, not all) with its pretty wrapper of “progressive” teaching of trusting in government to always be there for them to give them what they need and want.  


The American church, for the most part, lost power and position with their young because they (we) lived a worldly life instead of living like the Lord taught us to with His Holy Spirit and Word. This ‘socialist’ thinking is the result, and sadly in the church too.  


This is one reason why we need to “prepare” for what is coming against those with true wisdom and bold faith in the Lord Jesus.  It’s going to get worse not better, as we wait for His return. 


I’m remembering what our Lord said, that a daughter-in-law will come against her mother-in-law and a son against his own father, etc. thinking they are helpful to their government and faithful to their (false) religion.


We simply need to keep speaking out with the truth of God and teaching the wisdom ‘of God’ to our children and grandchildren as long as they will listen, and continue  PRAYING for them, battling for them against the deceptive powers of darkness. 


Socialism today (compared to the socialism of the past) is more attractive with its false love and false peace: pretty wrapper.  They don’t see it as “socialism” of the past; they call it “progression” for the future. That’s why the younger generation  that is out of touch with reality and truth – is easily won over. 


While the Lord tells us to keep to the “ancient path” of truth and godliness – the progressives/socialists have a different path that only leads to their destruction.


“There seems a way that is right to man but it leads to destruction,” says the Lord.


We are truly living in the last of the last days.  Keep your eyes on the Word of the Lord, your hope high above this world, and your faith strong in Jesus Christ who made the way for us. Our redemption draws nigh!  Hallelujah to the Lamb!    



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