Precursor That Warns to PREPARE

With all we’ve seen happen in our nation with the “lockdowns” due to COVID-19 and then with George Floyd’s death and riots with demands of ending the police force, or at least defunding them – it’s clear that things like this will only increase, rapidly intensify, as the Day of our Lord APPROACHES, just like Jesus said to His disciples.


SO….how should God’s people prepare for the inevitable? We know from Scripture that the “Spirit-filled World-wide Church” will be taken from the earth when the WORST is to start: the “mark of the beast” that unless you take it into your hand or head – you won’t be able to buy or sell. We know that this is already in making. Bill Gates has an idea called the Quantum Dot needle Tattoo that is in the works right now that begins the “mark of the beast.”


As we see things heating up in our nation as well as all over the world, not only should we be looking for the Lord’s open doors to share His Gospel with people, but understand how the Holy Spirit is leading each disciple of Jesus Christ – to prepare for what the Church will go through before the Lord calls us up to meet Him in the cloud.


We all have loved ones we’ve been praying for, that they be saved/born-again of the Spirit in Christ Jesus, but who knows when and if they come to know their Savior and to be included in the “Rapture of the Saints – dead and alive.” Your loved ones may go through the Great Tribulation (called the worse time the earth has ever seen), and so the Lord has impressed it on our minds and hearts NOW that we need to hear what the Spirit is saying and how He would lead us to – to prepare provision for those we’ve been praying for and hoping to see in the Lord’s Kingdom.


Imagine being one of those loved ones that you’ve witnessed to – finding themselves left behind. When they realize after all “the faithful Church” is instantly taken at the same time, leaving their clothing there when they’re snatched up, all their possessions still in tact as if they were still there. Do you think those loved ones will get it? Will they then believe what you told them? Some will, some won’t. But for those who do, and cry out to the Lord to be saved, they will need a place of refuge, a place where they have food and water, and shelter.


We need to be thinking past the “rapture.”  God is. God has even prepared a place for us in His Kingdom with our Lord. God prepares ahead for each generation of His people, and He does it through His faithful servants who study His Word to KNOW what they should know, and who hear His Voice leading them day by day to do what is theirs to do.


The Lord has shown Mike and I, and our children – what WE should do, and He is leading us step by step. But what WE are to do, might be different from what YOU should do. It all depends on your family, your prayers for loved ones, the nation you live in, what is available to you, how God has you positioned, etc. But no matter what, God is preparing provision through His Spirit-filled Church before He takes us off the earth (in the Rapture). There has NEVER been a time – such as this. Sadly, most Christians don’t believe that their generation is the generation that sees the Rapture or the Return of the Lord to the earth to Reign – which takes place 7 years apart.  GLORY!


God cares about how His new believers in the Great Tribulation will survive those 7 years without the “mark of the beast” for God has told us we better not take that mark of Satan’s control over you. Deny it and simply trust your Father God who GREATER than Satan.


Some believers (without the mark) will NOT survive but be martyred for refusing to deny their Savior and Lord, nor His Word to them. The world will have GREAT hatred of Jesus Christ, the Bible and all Christians. God prepares His children for martyrdom, if they are chosen for it. Not all are.


What a GREAT Father we have who does not want His children to be caught unaware of what is coming against them, but rather prepared in every way so they can be used by Him and not caught by surprise fearful and unprepared, needing help like the rest of the world.


We are living in an unique time in the history of mankind!  The Day is not far off when:


Unto us a child WAS born, unto us a Son WAS given, “and the government will be upon HIS shoulders. And HE will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His government and peace there will be NO end. He will reign on the throne of David and over His kingdom, to establish and sustain it with justice and righteousness from that time and forevermore. The zeal of the LORD of Hosts will accomplish this. Isaiah 9:6-7


Beloved of God, are you paying attention to what is REALLY happening in our nation and in the world, watchful, continually in PRAYER and doing your part in making ready a people ‘prepared’ for the Lord?




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