No Excuse!

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you, showing you His great and awesome wonders.


The Lord our God shows NO partiality, and He accepts NO bribes. God is not political in the ways we are. His government is righteous and without prejudice. God’s interference and manipulation in our political system works to purify His own people and get them moving for His glorious Kingdom purposes. God holds His children to their first commitment to His Son; for He Himself makes every word of His good, and He expects the same from His children.


Father God will not submit to our complaints and fears, but trains us up for victory in our battles against the enemies of the Cross: the world, the flesh and the devil. God will not allow His own people to keep going their own proud or fearful ways. He is the perfect Father. God will not negotiate and compromise, like we do. For who should God be afraid of, and what is there that can terminate His eternal purpose for all of His creation.


It’s either God’s way or the hell-way! And His final judgment is void of any grace and mercy. The wicked receive their full due; the righteous theirs. His faithful children receive His eternal kingdom, but for the wicked: He’s got nothing for them; NO MORE LOVE and NO HOPE of God’s mind ever changing about them. For when the wicked stand before Him all God sees is their hatred and rejection of His Beloved Son; He recounts all the times His Holy Spirit came to them to turn their stubborn hearts to the love of Jesus Christ: God’s only way of salvation – how they refused Him for whatever reason.


No one will stand before their Creator God with an excuse for rejecting God’s truth and eternal life: Jesus Christ.

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