My Quiet Time with Daddy

Thank You for the faith to believe in You Father. But, where does this faith come from to believe what is written in the book called the Bible? Where did I get this faith to believe in that which I can not see? Why is my faith in You unwilling to be compromised by threats or temptations of any kind?


I read about You and the way You created all that we see, and how Your Son came into this world the way in which He came and for the amazing purpose that I will stand on to the end, and nobody has ever believed it except those “with the faith” to believe.


Some have heard Your audible voice so that they would believe, such as Paul your humbled servant. Others have seen Your Son again after His death on the cross, and never doubted You again, such as those who wrote about it. But, for most of those that believe in You it has been Your written Word they have believed in by faith. For those who have never seen and yet believed – where did they get such GREAT faith?


And, that’s another thing, another “amazing” thing; this book about You Father, and Your Son, and Your Spirit, has remained the most read book for 2000 years; the only book in the world so viciously hated by the majority of our world’s population and in every generation since it was written; a best seller that outlives us all. It just can’t be destroyed no matter what its accusers say and do.


The only answer I can come up with for my faith in You is that I had to be made in Your image, just like it says. You have put in me something that, from conception on, I just know You are my heavenly Father, and that “knowing” compels me to seek after You – to know You better, to get close to You.


At one time I was afraid of You, and I didn’t know why. Then I learned of why Your Son came and died, and why I need Your Spirit to live in me. When I applied “faith” to this knowledge I was no longer afraid of You! I became ambitious for You; desiring You and seeking to please You Father! I’ve never seen You and yet I love You and know without a doubt that I will be joined to You!


What makes a person that has been adopted eventually have a deep desire to know their biological father and mother? Even without knowing they are adopted, something gnaws at them inside about their beginning. Although they are driven to find the truth – they have a fear of coming to the truth. They are not sure of what they will find out, yet they keep after it until they come to the truth of their own beginning and why they are the way they are. Some regret ever finding out who their biological parent is, or parents are. Some start up a lasting relationship with the very one/ones that abandoned them, or gave them up to adoption for whatever reason. But the point is that there is something in us all that makes us seek after how and why we are here, and where we end up.


Heavenly Father, You are not like us, a parent that would abandon His own child, any one born into this world. You are mankind’s one true Father, faithful and long-suffering our rejection of You as You continue to fervently work in and all around us that we come to know You as You truly are: Everlasting Father of grace and mercy, of compassion and personal sacrifice – as seen in Your Son – called “Savior of the world.” How could anyone not want to find this out about You? And after finding this truth about You, how could they reject and then live denying it? How could they take the chance of what You say about rejecting Your Son and continue on to never cry out in their spirit to You, the spirit that connects each of us to “knowing” that You are our Father God, to cry out for You in need of You?! Father, isn’t that why You put so much weakness in us?


Thank You Father for our weaknesses that compel us to cry out to You Holy Father and find You ready to forgive and willing to meet every need we have of You. Thank You Father for all the trouble we have and even for the persecution we face from those that are perishing in their own sins completely deceived and doing all they can to feel good about themselves and the evils they do. Help me Father to show Your love to these. Thank You Father for Your peace and joy in me; for Your love poured into me by Your Holy Spirit. Thank You Father that the only thing I fear now is not finishing what You gave me to do in the remaining days I have in this dying body.


Father, my faith comes from You and it’s to be applied to Your purpose in me. I am Your child and You are my eternal Father. Nothing and no one, can separate me from Your thoughts and plans; the future that You have for Your eternal family. Help me to represent You in the way You deserve to be represented and worshiped.

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