Marriage Covenant – Chapter 2

Women are ‘capable’ of many things and all throughout history we’ve seen that truth manifested with both good as well as evil. When men and women are living according to God’s design and order the family benefits, communities benefit and nations benefit.


Since the marriage covenant comes from God and not from man – we have no right to alter and change what God designs and institutes. God does not support and honor marriage between two men or two women because God did not design man, woman, marriage and family that way. The vow or covenant two men or two women make is not binding because it is rejected by God. He calls it an abomination and it needs to be treated that way because of its destructive power over children, societies and mankind as a whole.


Man may find temporary cures to the diseases that develop from acts of sexual immorality but the fact remains that he can not keep up with all the new strings of diseases that develop out of sexual perversions. The world does not get the connection; that God is warning us by all these diseases to get right with Him.


Anyone is capable of remaining faithful to their wife or husband because it’s a choice and God will supply what we lack in faith if we go to Him humbly. I don’t like the wedding vows that I’m hearing today between couples who are afraid to commit to each other right from the start. Clearly they do not like the old wedding vows that state “through better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health – till death do we part.” But this is what “marriage” is all about.


Marriage vows are made out of a hope both the man and woman have for their future together. Every marriage starts out confident in some way but very few couples see their hopes realized. Dreams don’t come true without the stick-to-it-work of serving, giving, trusting, honoring, protecting and sharing honestly and openly about the important things in life, and most of all – dreams won’t come true without them both learning how to die to their own pig-headed ways and nasty habits.


We don’t hear the words “to love and obey” from brides today like we did in the past. In fact, we hear them less and less as the spirit of jezebel has been overtaking women more and more. The ‘modern’ woman has no intention of letting her husband, or any man, tell her anything let alone lead her. The ‘modern’ man doesn’t want to be responsible for his wife and children to the point of doing what it takes to protect and provide for them; he wants his wife to work and his children put in the hands of hired help.


Your relationship should be tested before you get married and begin living together. Don’t fool yourself, sex before marriage is nothing more than self-gratification. You don’t need to see if you both are sexually compatible. Your commitment to each other makes you compatible in that area. Sexual gratification is not the priority in marriage; maturing love is and there is a huge difference between love and sex. The testing of a pre-marriage relationship is about beliefs and faith in God. When you are compatible this way – there’s nothing the two of you can’t overcome in life.


A woman whose hope is in God does not break her marriage covenant because her husband isn’t meeting her expectations. Nor when the wife isn’t meeting her husband’s expectations. She (and he) goes to God with it, over and over and over until God has done His wonderful work in the two of you.


False expectations will NEVER be met. God tells us in His Word what a husband is to do for His wife and children, and what the wife is to do for her husband and children, but that doesn’t mean we forget what God also says about judging ourselves first, and about forgiveness, patience and prayer. False expectations ruin your marriage and effect your children’s future.


To keep secret expectations within the marriage could lead you to break covenant with your spouse. What I mean by a “secret expectation” is something that you want from the marriage relationship and not for the marriage relationship. It would be best to get all known expectations out on the table before the wedding day. There are just some things we should never expect from another person that God says He alone is responsible for as our faithful gracious and generous heavenly Father.


Covenant breaking is very serious and will affect all other areas in your life where a commitment is needed from you. The Lord watches over our vows that we make with people because giving our ‘word’ on something to somebody is binding in God’s eyes. God’s word to us is binding and as His children He expects us to make good our word and promises too.


A man wants a wife he can trust and confide in. A woman wants a husband who will protect and appreciate her. God made men very different from women and for a very good reason. We would be wise and blessed to leave it alone and just be content with those wonderful differences.


God is holding men accountable for what happens to their marriage and family, and God will help any man who humbly comes to Him for strength and guidance. Godly wives and mothers will understand this and purposely do all they can to help their husband with his responsibility from God, especially hold him up in prayer each morning. This makes her a woman of great worth.


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