Just Because We Live in America….

Just because we live in America doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen to us; it’s just a matter of time.


Jesus taught His disciples that they would suffer for Him, for His coming Kingdom. But He sent His Spirit to be in them so that they could endure it and see the glorious results of their faithfulness.


I thank God for President Trump and Vice President Pence for their stand for religious freedom and their work against ‘illegal’ immigration. I thank God for their courage and faith in God. I thank God for the prayer meetings and Bible studies taking place in the White House.


Father God, You have held back Christian persecution in America with Trump/Pence in the White House, but You expect us (Christians) to understand WHY You are holding back the inevitable (severe persecution against Christians) in America. We have a responsibility, not only to our children and grandchildren to make them ready and prepared for the LORD, but also a responsibility to our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world living hell on earth, to pray for them, and join these faithful forces (in one way or another) such as Franklin Graham’s army in conquering ISIS through prayer (spiritual warfare) as our military and law enforcement puts their own physical lives on the line to fight ISIS. The physical and the spiritual are connected!


ISIS will be defeated, but that will not end persecution of God’s people, both Jews and Christians; for the ancient enemy of Jesus Christ, Satan, is the power behind all blood-shed of the innocent within the history of mankind – and the devil will raise up the next army, and the next, to persecute God’s people until he himself is overthrown by the coming (again) of God’s Son: the King of kings and Lord of lords. Of HIS KINGDOM on earth – there will be NO END. GLORY TO GOD!


The Great Tribulation (7 years of the worse time on earth described in the book of Revelation) will be Satan’s day in the sun to do ALL that he’s been working towards. He will continue to lie and deceive in order to convince the world that the Jews and Christians (with their faith) are the real enemies of mankind. So prepare for what is coming! Prepare your children, and grandchildren!


Prepare both spiritually (in personal holiness with the Lord and in constant prayer as you heed the voice of the Holy Spirit) and prepare physically (in practical ways as the Holy Spirit leads you).


From Scripture we know how our faithful Father God will cut short Satan’s reign with the second coming of Jesus Christ to conquer evil once and for all on the earth, and Christ our KING ETERNAL will reign one thousand years from Jerusalem’s throne along with His saints as He “makes all things new” for eternity to begin. “No eye has seen, no mind conceived, what God has planned for those who LOVE HIM!”

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