God has set His laws in place, both physical and spiritual laws. He will not prevent consequences that arise from people going against His laws – whether laws of His creation, laws of His love or laws of His kingdom.


You can not prevent anything from happening out of what has already happened, nor can you prevent anything of what God says will happen in the future. The only thing you can prevent are those thoughts and acts that are both wicked and destructive – and with God’s help it is very possible. Why suffer for our own wicked ways? If we have to suffer let it be for serving the good purposes of Christ our Lord.


God prepares ahead for what is coming against His people who are trusting in Him and obeying His Word. He does not prevent what is coming, for it’s all within the process of His great plan of redeeming each and every one of us, and the future of mankind’s glorious existence with God.


When we disobey God – we suffer the consequences. If we repent of disobedience, the consequences still remain, but God’s grace will abound to those who repent and submit to Him in any case so that we are able to endure, mature and prosper from what we have suffered in life. This is how a true Father raises His children who will dwell in His House forever!

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