Christ’s Millennial Kingdom

I have been interested in Christ’s 1K year reign for years now, and have compared Scriptures to study about it to get a better understanding, but still learning, and have no intention on forming any set doctrine except that in testifying of Jesus Christ it also includes His return to reign – because of what Luke 1:17 says: “to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.”  Made ready and prepared now as His witnesses, and later to return with Him. For He said that where He is – we will be.


If we were NOT supposed to know about His millennial kingdom of those one thousand years on earth – then why so much information in the Bible about it? God gives us revelation so that we will KNOW and also be prepared for the Lord when He returns.  ‘


Most Christians do not know how to fight the enemy, being unaware of his schemes and traps. Therefore, they long for the rapture to take them out of their suffering and out of their fears of all threat on their lives and livelihood.  We know this day will come when we are taken whether in death or rapture, but the “rapture” should not be what we are preparing for; Christ’s return is what we ultimately prepare ourselves for.  Jesus told His disciples that where He is – we will be. 


The battle now is different than the battle when we return with the Lord. Now we fight our sinful desires, the devil’s lies, and the lure of the world all around us. We fight the enemy after our children too. We fight with spiritual weapons (prayer, obedience, love, patience, sharing the gospel, kindness, self-control, etc.). Even loving our enemies (with the love of Christ in us) to face our death praying for our persecutors to see Jesus in us and for us, even in death.


We are not physically fighting flesh and blood (not yet).  As Scripture tells us, the battle is the Lord’s. He has and will overcome all enemies, even death.  Hallelujah!


Mike and I have talked to Christians a lot about how “the church” has been far more interested in the “rapture” than in the Lord’s return to reign. Christians have this idea that they rapture gets them out of this mess in the world, but we are to return with the KING to the “mess” of the world (Rev. 19:14).  It’s all made new and right; peace on earth, good will towards all men!  Who doesn’t want to a part of that?


Jesus said, that where HE IS – we are also, and Christ will again leave heaven and come to the earth, just like said.  Oh what DAY!


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