Brilliant Minds

We went to see the movie Hidden Figures and what an excellent movie it was.


In the movie we saw how ‘prejudice’ stands in the way of people with brilliant minds doing great things for the common good. Clearly God has given each baby in the womb the potential of genius and excellence.


One thing that stood out to me in the movie was what they used to call people with ‘brilliant minds’ who could mentally calculate numbers and formulas; they called them “computers.” These were the brilliant minds that could figure out how to put a man up in space ‘safely’ so that he returned the way he left. These brilliant minds figured out how to build machines that do what our minds can do, but faster. Today’s brilliant minds are taking “technology” further and further.


Note: In the movie we get to see when the first computer was built and used in the space program. They called this new computer system “the beast.” The Bible talks about “the beast that is given words to say and power over people.” Ask yourself if your internet phone/pad tells you anything you want to know; shows you anything you want to see; puts you in contact with anyone you want to talk to. Ask yourself if you could live without it now after depending on it so much.


I believe that prejudice comes out of under-developed minds. When the mind isn’t allowed to mature the way God designed it to mature, it becomes resentful towards those they believe have held them down, and eventually they will lash out in one way or another. Suicide is one way. Killing and physical abuse is another. Drug and alcohol addiction are ways of showing what a person truly thinks of himself. When government tries to control what people think, say and do – what is the result? The “result” is what we have been increasingly seeing in America, especially over these last 8 years. Government is designed by God to hold people down from their good purpose in life. Government is supposed to protect us from those who want to overtake us and make us their servants. Government is to protect us from those who want to take from us what we have earned to have for our families to enjoy life with. Government is supposed to protect our God-given rights. Do you know what your God-given rights are? Most people don’t because God’s Word has been outlawed in schools and public places, or our Bibles set on a shelf at home to collect dust.


Prejudice of all forms works to block human development for God’s goodwill on earth. Prejudice, a.k.a. deep resentment and hatred towards others different from yourself, has destructive power: shortens and prevents life, stunts growth for mental brilliance and excellence in life, causes shame and fear, and ultimately causes “the abomination that brings desolation on the earth.” Satan resents God’s chosen people. He fuels prejudice and hatred in people. He is fully entertained by all our acts of violence.


There are many forms of prejudice: hatred of those God favors and blesses, hatred of hardworking rich successful people, hatred for those in authority upholding law and order, resenting someone for what they have that you don’t, detesting anyone that stands in the way of you taking what you want from someone else, resenting your brother or sister because of the favor they get that you don’t get, despising those who try to warn you about the path you are blindly going that will destroy you.


You can be sure that those who scream and cry the loudest about the prejudice of ‘other’ people or people’s groups – are IN FACT the very ones themselves who are prejudice. They never accomplish anything good for themselves or for the society they live in because their minds think this way – all the time. Their prejudice hinders their mental brilliance, and eagerness to do hard work that would prosper them and help others.


“God is MIGHTY, but despises no one; God is FIRM in His purpose….but if people are bound in chains and cords of affliction He tells them what they have done…He makes them listen to correction and commands them to repent of their evil. If they obey and serve His good will, they will spend the rest of their days in prosperity and their years in contentment. God is not partial or prejudice. BUT if they do not listen, they will suffer the consequence and die without the knowledge they refused.”


“The godless in heart harbor resentment (prejudice).” Even when God handcuffs the godless, they do not repent and cry out to God for His help. Therefore God denies them His light; His Brilliant and Excellent Kingdom of the Son He loves. They will stand before God their Maker one day, and give their puny excuses in thinking they can defend themselves. But there is only ONE TRUE DEFENDER we want on that Day: The Son of God.


Prejudice warps and handicaps the mind; which in turn works only evil on the earth. Prejudice is one of the devil’s most successful schemes of the devil. Jesus came down to earth not only to forgive us but to show us the right way to think about ourselves and each other, and how to live with each other and work together with all our ‘good’ differences. But it will take the second coming of Jesus Christ to earth for all nations to surrender and live for the good of all mankind; which they will or else eternally suffer God’s verdict.


The potential for brilliance and excellence is within ALL of us because God originally made mankind in His own image. We simply need to acknowledge God in all our thoughts and ways. Because of the briliiant mind God gave man – man got arrogant and rebellious towards God, so God had to scatter and separate them by language, skin and boundaries. (Tower of Babel in King Nimrod’s day.) Each developed their own culture of law and lifestyle.


If everyone were to look the same, think the same, act the same and have the same things – where could prejudice thrive? But that’s not how it’s supposed to be with all the ‘good’ differences in God’s created things. It’s only as we humble ourselves before God our Creator, and commit ourselves to His Son’s love and unity that we understand how all people with all their ‘good’ differences – can work so well together for the common good; which brings our Father God the honor and glory He deserves to receive from mankind.


Prejudice: that which prevents you from reaching your good purpose in life, both for the one who is trying to hold someone down or others down for whatever prejudice they have, and for the one being held down by someone’s prejudice towards them.


In the movie Hidden Figures this comes out so clearly – as the brilliant minds of the black women were held back by the prejudice of the white people in the space program, and the space program was held down from its goal because the brilliant minds of these black women, one in particular, was not allowed to work her brilliance where most needed. But at the end of the movie it all changed.


Go see it!

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