Monthly Archives: January 2017

The Mind

The mind that God gave us is a powerful thing; it can work for us or against us.   Watching the series ALONE I saw one contestant who let his mind work against him, instead of for him. He was quick to think the worse about his situation each day, and quick to become angry… Read more »

Why Are You Crying To Me?

Moses and the Israelites were being chased by Pharaoh and his army with the intent of bringing them back to Egypt so that the Israelites would be forced to keep serving them. After all the plagues that ruined their land, killed all their livestock and every first born son – Pharaoh’s heart remained stubborn towards… Read more »

Weekly Devotional

To people of the world, they will never understand why Jerusalem is so important and never at peace with the world. God said in His Word, “I have chosen Jerusalem as My home.” (Psalms 132:13) This is the place our Savior returns to; to live and rule. No wonder the Muslims desperately fight for it…. Read more »

The Wise Man – Part 13 – Power of Words

The definition of ‘word’ is ‘verbal signal.’ Words are not only verbal signals, but they also trigger what some call a ‘biochemical response’ and can be used by powers to be, to modify behavior.   Because of this a wise man will use words wisely. His words will be calm and rational, not emotional. He/she… Read more »